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5G Evolution or Revolution? In the Latest Issue of 5G Magazine

Elena Neira
October04/ 2016

5G Magazine Issue no. 3 – Sep 2016 is ready!

The major 5G developments of the month come via Far EasTone’s 5G services demo supported over 4G networks evolving to 5G, via iconic device launches from Apple and Samsung whose new features predict an evolution to 5G, and also via news from CTIA 2016 SuperMobility introducing 5G products and solutions as evolution from exiting solutions, just faster, better performing, cheaper and/or more optimized.

The common theme in these developments is that they position 5G as “evolution” of 4G. However, in previous months we saw developments that position 5G as a “revolutionary” approach such as Facebook’s TIP, Spectrum Sharing from DARPA, and Cloud, Open Source Telco.

For now, both approaches are present in the marketplace. At the end, will 5G be an evolution or a revolution?

Here is the link to the PDF: 5g-magazine-issueno3-2016-09


Highlights from inside 5G Magazine

  • In the continuous stream of news about 5G testbeds, pre-commercial demos, and lab trials, the one that Far EasTone and Ericsson conducted stands out. They demonstrated 5G services over the 4G network, reporting a 1 Gbps throughput. What makes this demo unique is the vision of 5G as an evolution path from LTE. Technology wise, the evolution involves adding features like MIMO, beamforming and carrier aggregation incrementally. On the spectrum side, the operator says that the will start the evolution path in the 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands; because 5G spectrum has not been allocated yet in Taiwan, they expect alignment with the most commonly used bands for 5G internationally 3.6 GHz, 5.8 GHz and 28 GHz bands.
  • On the device side, this was a remarkable month for smartphones. Apple and Samsung, the largest cellular phone makers worldwide with 15.9% and 22.5% of the 2015 global share respectably – launched new devices. For Apple, we look at the new features of the iPhone 7 to predict the evolution to 5G of the smartphones. The most important trends are no wires, more computing power and VR, AR capabilities.
  • In the US, the mobile ecosystem gathered for the annual CTIA SuperMobility show, and 5G was everywhere. The FCC, transportation and automotive industries, and major telecom OEMs made announcements related to 5G with an evolutionary flavor along the lines of additional bands of spectrum, additional IoT network devices, improved enterprise solutions, and evolution of existing RAN, Core and Service architectures.


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