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5G Magazine: 5G Spring/Summer 2017 Runway

Elena Neira
January29/ 2017

The first 2017 issue of 5G Magazine (Issue Num. 7) opens with a “5G Spring/Summer 2017 Runway” featuring the season’s market-trending products, services and devices that made it from the designer board to essential pieces we are likely to see deployed in real life.

The next article in this number, “The Elephant in the 5G Room”, is an in-depth analysis of the three disruptors from outside the traditional telco sector. They are not yet on the “5G runway” but we expose the role they are playing in shaping mobile platform evolution, and how they are becoming new players in the 5G ecosystem.

China Mobile 5G Innovation Center is an alliance created to develop 5G technology solutions for China, the world’s largest wireless communications market. We are taking our readers on a tour that touches upon activities, technologies and members of the alliance.

The “5G Start-Up of the Month” where we feature a company making strides with their open-source based approached to spearheading the future mobile devices that will capture our hearts when 5G comes around.

We debut in this issue “The 5G Calendar “ a comprehensive list of the key seminars, technical talks, training and events not to miss for 5G. The events have worldwide scope and many of them are online events to be of interest to our global 5G community.

In “The 5G Rockstar” article, we feature news and updates of the movers and shakers of 5G, those are the thought leaders, industry executives, government officials and scholars who are charting the road to 5G.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons, d4

Elena Neira