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Be the First to See the 5G Magazine

Elena Neira
August11/ 2016

Our Vision for The 5G MAGAZINE:   To share the latest insights into the innovators that are shaping markets, industries, engineering, and scientific research in the field of 5G.

You will discover technology, business, news and the latest developments into the future of 5G: A next generation mobile platform with apps, networks, services, cloud, 3-D video, IoT, big data, wired & wireless connectivity, smartphones, drones, virtual worlds,  AR, connected car, e-health, e-commerce, semiconductors and AI.

This is the market trial, beta-testing issue:


Would you let us know what you like, and also what you do not like? Leave comment(s), or write to us at contact@elenaneira.com.

August 2016 Updates:   Really pleased to report on updates and the buzz generated by The 5G Magazine:

Yumpu has decided to share The 5G Magazine in their website. Currently available is an optimized version of the original PDF we released. Here is the link  and always looking forward to the feedback from our community regarding how much value and how much they like this PDF-optimized version.




Elena Neira