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US Cellular 5G Trial in 15 GHz Band Hits 9Gbps

Elena Neira
December16/ 2016

U.S. Cellular and Ericsson are reporting successful completion of  5G testing. Both highlight that the test was conducted using the 15 GHz spectrum band, and it achieved peak throughput of 9 Gbps at a distance of 787 ft. (aprox. 240 meters) to bring the next-generation mobile network technology one step closer to deployment.

The Choice of the 15 GHz Band to Test 5G:  The figure above depicts the bands available worldwide for microwave deployments, and 15 GHz band the biggest frequency band of all. This is not because 15 GHz has the widest spectrum, but more because it is widely used all over the world. Using this 15 GHz band, Ericsson installed 5G radios on a tower currently in commercial service. The over-the-air test was possible using an experimental license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and run under varying environmental conditions to simulate real world use.

Frequency Bands Available for MicroWave Transmission (Source: Ericsson)

Test Throughput and Performance Results:   The tests evaluated a number of new radio access (NX) carrier combinations to verify network throughput and performance benchmarks. The trials achieved peak throughput of 1.5Gbps at a distance of one mile and 9Gbps at a distance of 787 ft. The tests also included radio resource sharing, beamforming, beam tracking, peak throughput and multi-user MIMO tests. Michael S. Irizarry, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Cellular,says: “This latest trial with Ericsson demonstrates incredible 9Gbps speeds in an environment that was close to a real world scenario, and we look forward to collaborating with Ericsson on the development of standards for a healthy 5G ecosystem. We are committed to giving our customers the best experience with the latest technology that can enhance their lives or businesses, and a fast, high-quality network that works whenever and wherever they need it.”

Source: US Cellular, Ericsson

Elena Neira