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The Promise of 5G: Faster Speed, Low Latency, IoT, Big Data, and More

Elena Neira
July19/ 2016

Worldwide expectations around 5G are high. Unlike previous generations that were realized with a set of high-performance mobile networks, the promise of 5G is broader, and includes enabling a 24/7 seamlessly connected society with faster speeds and low latency capabilities, new augmented virtual reality worlds, and important capabilities to connect a large amount of always-on IoT devices in the future Internet of Everything.

Today, 5G is primarily about the evolution of 4G. ITU has taken its traditional role coordinating globally and producing a set of requirements for the official 5G-capable systems under the term IMT-2020, and recommending spectrum allocation discussions at the WRC (World Radio Conference.)

While this happens in ITU, 3GPP works to produce technical specifications to submit as a candidate technology to IMT-2020. 3GPP plans to deliver a detailed technical proposal by October 2020.

In addition to these efforts, there is also work by operators, device manufacturers, and web-scale companies (more prominently FaceBook) are conducting technology investigations, demos, and trials aimed at proving the concepts and contributing with proofs of concept and technology realizations.

As 5G standards and technologies mature and evolve, we are keeping the pulse on what’s real and when/where will we see the first commercial deployments. Stay tuned.

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Elena Neira