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Intelligent Clouds, Alibaba Says is Building One

Elena Neira
August13/ 2016

Alibaba  is “transforming cloud computing into public architecture” and doing that by incorporating new Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities into the cloud computing engine of Aliyun. AI as a Service is taking shape with a comprehensive suite of solutions in video, image and speech recognition technologies through its new AI program.





At this week’s cloud computing conference in Beijing, Alibaba made several appearances and announcements. The most important one was the release of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to serve many industries and create a national artificial intelligence infrastructure for the following industries and use cases:

  • Video Recognition of Basketball Movement: Combining the analysis of videos from sporting events with deep learning services, athletes’ performance can be profiled to determine their behavior, which provides valuable data analysis for the sports industry
  • Image Processing: Identifying and describing images accurately through image and caption processing to allow machines to “read” images instantaneously
  • Smart Customer Hotline: This speech recognition technology automatically records voice messages of customer service representatives into text format and structures the content and key messages to allow for monitoring of customer service quality, analysis of consumer sentiment and risk control
  • Real-time Broadcast Transliteration: Real-time transcription of audio of live broadcasts into subtitles, which can monitor and edit content during live shows
  • Customized Recommendation: Built on the basis of big data analytics, providing customized service and support based on users’ purchasing behavior and interests
  • Warning of Industrial Malfunctions: Collecting log data and operations of industrial facilities and sending out warnings of potential system breakdowns through a combination of an intelligent algorithm and the advice of experts
  • Monitoring Malicious Behaviors in e-Commerce: Automatically identify and detect malicious behaviors of sellers and buyers during transactions
  • Forecast of Public Trends: Through a range of big data technologies including semantic and sentiment analysis and machine learning, by analyzing public data online, and communication paths of media and images, trends can be identified such as brand image, hot topics and awareness of public policies
  • Financial Risk Control: Accurately assessing the credibility of loan borrowers by analyzing interrelationships between people with algorithms
  • Prediction of Heart Disease: Accurately predicting heart disease with a set of machine learning processes including data pre-processing, feature engineering and prediction
  • Real-time Traffic Prediction: Providing traffic predictions from five minutes to one hour in advance with accuracy of up to 92 percent, which can support transportation departments’ efforts to ease traffic congestion and provide users with traffic recommendations.


The AI solutions signals a new direction in cloud that goes beyond current IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. It is chartering into the new territory of AI as a Service (AIaaS) offerings.

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Elena Neira