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43% of Our Readers Say Cloud, Distributed Computing Are Top Skills in 5G

Elena Neira
September23/ 2016

August 2016 Reader’s Pool Results Are Out:   We regularly pool our readers on subjects are relevant to 5G technologies, and ask them how they impact their work, life, and what trends they see. For the month of August 2016, we are sharing what they told us about key skills for the future, and about their favorite social network. Curious about last month’s  (July 2016) pool results? Find them in this link


We need Cloud, Cloud Skills for 5G:   43% of our readers identify cloud and distributed computing as the most important skill for 5G. Up to 4G, procuring, engineering and managing infra was a hardware-centric endeavor, involving specfing, purchasing, and installing physical equipment such as servers. With the advent of virtualization, i.e. distributed computing and cloud, a “control plane” for managing these process in software is the new norm, and the skills to lead this cloud transformation are the highest priority for our readers. Other priorities they highlight is mobile development and big data IoT skills.




Elena Neira