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China Mobile “More Than Connecting” 2020+ Vision

Elena Neira
August07/ 2016

China Mobile, the largest mobile operator in the wold with 834 million subscribers at the end of 1Q 2016, and an over 50% market share in China just released its” Technology Vision 2020+” revealing architecture and key technologies pillars of their strategy. 5G, cloud, IoT, consumer and enterprise services transformations are in focus to maintain market leadership.


More Than Connecting:   In 2020 and beyond, China Mobile targets establishing a high quality, intelligence network to realize the interconnection of all things, creating a first-class infrastructure to provide professional services to realize the connection between traditional industry and information for Internet +, and enabling unlimited innovation. These targets are summarized under the umbrella of ” More Than Connecting.”


The Evolution of Information Industry from Fixed to Wireless: China Mobile is evolving from just providing network capabilities to providing the mobile multimedia services (video services, social media, location services, converged communication etc.) with enhanced user experiences. They see the future development of the information network driven by three main factors:

  • New smart terminals;
  • Ultra wideband mobile internet; and
  • Intelligent applications.


A New Information and Communications Industry to Serve New Expectation from Customers and Enterprises:   What will be the new expectations of the customers towards the information and communication industry in 2020 and beyond? What are the trends of individual and enterprise customers and what will be the key industry innovations? The answers to these questions in terms of technology requirements breaks down into the following requirements,

For consumers:

  • Data speed at least 960Mbps to support transmission of 8K (3D) video;
  • Less than 10 ms end-to-end network latency;
  • Consistent communications experience under harsh environments, such as high-speedmobility, crowded places, etc.; and
  • More than 100 times improvement on energy efficiency savings.

For enterprises:

  • Data storage scales above 1 EB (1024 PB);
  • The response time of data processing node (transaction and query) is less than 1 millisecond;
  • The cost of data processing is less than 1 US cent per GB per month; and
  • The integration of cross-industry data (medical, education, financial).


China Mobile 2020 Technology Vision (Source: Global TD-LTE Initiative)
The Application/Terminal/Network Architecture of China Mobile 2020+ Technology Vision (Source: Global TD-LTE Initiative)

Most importantly the 2020+ Vision defines the overarching architecture needs (see figure above) with a new network architecture that supports digital services for everything connected.



Resources: Global TD-LTE Initiative, CMCC

Elena Neira