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World Radio Day 2017

Elena Neira
February13/ 2017

Celebrating World Radio Day 2017. ¬†We are celebrating¬†#WorldRadioDay! Kudos to radio, and the many technologies that follow it -wireless, TV, Mobile Internet, … – and enable people to connect, share and communicate around the World.



There are hundreds, if not thousands, of uses of radio spectrum and technology. Everything from baby monitors, satellite radio, internet radio, mobile radio, broadcasting, radio podcasts,…. and move coming as we go on the road to 5G!

In commemoration of this day, we have created an Infographic-Quote that cites one of the fathers of radio communications, Nikola Tesla:

“My brain is only a receiver,

in the universe there is a court from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.

I have not penetrated into the secrets of its core but I know it exists”

— Nikola Tesla —

We are also sharing here another favorite quote about radio from non other than Albert Einstein, when asked, in 1938, to explain radio, is widely reported to have said: “… You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat.”


Elena Neira